A review Of The Electrolux Intensity Vacuum Clean

05/05/2011 11:57

Electrolux is one of the real innovators in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners. The company pays attention to consumers needs then makes the sort of appliances men and women actually want. One such item on people's hope list was a machine that combined the electricity of an upright with the compact storage on the canister. Electrolux responded with the release in the Intensity upright vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuum cleaners are definitely powerful than canisters simply because you can find less tubing from the brush on the dust bag. Electrolux has reduced the tubing in the Intensity even further; there is only a 3" air path in the Intensity. This, the company claims, increases that suction power by 50%. The Intensity has a 12 amp motor exactly like the Electrolux Oxygen 3 vacuum better.

Getting rid of a lot from the tubing and vents has also meant the fact that Intensity's casing could be made scaled-down. The small casing is then combined with a bi-fold handle that means that less storage is required when not in use. The wish-bone design from the handle does make the look from the Intensity a little odd if not necessarily rather ugly but performance and small storage, not prettiness, was the driving force behind the structure of the Electrolux Intensity.

The Electrolux Intensity vacuum cleaner comes with a fully retractable power cord that is 21 feet long the size or which, matches most other uprights.

Other good points about it are that it has a HEPA sieve and weighs in at only of sixteen lbs.

HEPA filter will keep in over 99. 97% of everything that is sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. Machines without HEPA filtration will blow-out back in the room some of the allergens that had been originally sucked up. If you endure any form of allergy complaint then buying a vacuum with HEPA filters is the most beneficial option.

Its lightweight design also makes this Electrolux vacuum cleaner perfect for the elderly or explain to. Even if you're perfectly fit, carrying around a heavy upright is usually tiring; using a machine that weighs simply 16 lbs will save on a lot of backache.

There are some drawbacks towards Electrolux Intensity vacuum. Because the handle folds there is a carry handle on top of the motor which makes for good portability, but this does somewhat restrict cleaning under low furniture. In addition, there are no hoover vac steam. People like the suction power but complain about the insufficient a hose for those small or hard to receive at places it is firmly a floor cleaner.

The biggest complaint is a size of the dust bag; it has a capacity of only 1 quart in comparison to 2 quarts of the Electrolux Oxygen 3 hoover. This does mean that bag changing is frequent and that the expense of buying new bags is something that they are considered. However, the use of a smallish dust bag in the Electrolux Strength is understandable; it was always going to be tough to get a powerful motor, on board tools and a large dust bag into a compact, foldable and lightweight vacuum cleaner.

The Electrolux Intensity is a good vacuum cleaner. It's not an most rounder; it's for those who want an upright that can be folded down and stored in a smaller place and who only want the machine for floor cleaning. You obtain performance and storage but not the versatility. But if those are your requirements then the Intensity will be the one for you.

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