3 Reasons Why you should Not Use The Water Leveler On your own Koi Pond

03/28/2011 22:17
1. There are more than 130 mechanical water levelers that you could buy, and none of these can be guaranteed never to stick in the particular closed position.

The most common of they're the cheap plastic ball valve usually within toilet tanks, which are notorious for warping and jamming.

We have a more modern version that will have up to 15 various moving parts that can malfunction, resulting in a continuous flow.

Even the more expensive brass valves cannot stand up to acidic or corrosive water and with time will corrode and stick.

2. Usually, most koi farming, koi breeders and also koi pond managers boasting of expensive, prized koi fish cannot trust their treasures to mechanical car fills.

When the mechanical water progressing float sticks, jellies, warps, rusts, corrodes, the item malfunctions, in that open position, contributing to continuous water stream.

In most conditions, with the exception of filtered or well water, a stuck float may result in the chlorine poisoning in the pond's inhabitants.

3. A mechanical float ought to be installed for the convenience on the pond owner, not the pond constructor. In their goal for higher revenue, pond builders are applying cheap, easy to put in, pond liners, which have been more susceptible to be able to leaks than real.

According to statistics through the pond liner business, "1 out of 3 rubber liner ponds & waterfalls tend to be leaking within hunting for months of finish.

Dishonest and care-free Liner pond builders will install your cheap Aquascape water leveler to hide the leak issues from other customers, only to possibly be discovered later from high water bills or serious mineral water damage.

Conclusion: Should you must have a leveler in your pond, I would suggest using an electronic float, not a mechanical one. There are only two brands of electronic floats. The AquaFill as well as the Levelor controllers. The AquaFill will be the only water leveler float that carries that "fail-safe" rating. The principle issue with not really using them will be, you still should add water for your pond and consequently, many people use a garden hose that will fill their pond and forget and also become distracted, forgetting to turn off the water, the result being just as a stuck and also jammed float.

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