An appraisal Of The Eureka 4700A Maxima Bagless Upright Vacuum

05/11/2011 11:02

I wanted an inexpensive but reliable vacuum cleaner with decent suction power. Eventually I bought the Eureka Maxima Bagless vacuum. Buying something cheap, and hoping that it performs as promised, is usually only going to end in disappointment. Well, buying the Eureka Maxima cleaner did't end in disappointment, although there are some disappointments for it.

Well, seeing the Eureka 4700A for the first time was a little disappointing. It looked exactly like what it was said to be; a fairly average looking inexpensive vacuum clean. Still, I chose it, not the alternative way round.

It's cheap but you do get some accessories; brush, cleaning wand, combination wand/crevice tool, and the suction hose which is along with the unit. The hose is only about 6 feet long though you can stretch it a little further than which, but since it is all plastic, I would not take it too far.

The Eureka Maxima hoover does have some real plus points. To begin with, it is a very lightweight vacuum, considering in at only 13. 5 lbs. Itâ's light but it still comes with a 12 amp motor the same size because the very expensive Electrolux Oxygen 3 upright hoover. Some people really hate bagless vacuum cleaners because they say that emptying the dust cup releases a plume of dirt back into the house. I find such thoughts a bit tedious; why not simply empty the dust cup outside? The big advantages of a bagless vacuum cleaner like the Eureka Maxima is the duct cup is larger than bags 3 quarts when compared with 2 quarts, so it needs less emptying; you save on the cost of buying new bags (not to mention the trouble of finding the correct ones for your vacuum); and your helping to save the environment (no trees need die to create more disposable vacuum bags).

Because of the size of the motor, I found the suction power from the Eureka Maxima to be more than adequate for my house; I have a mixture of low-pile fitted carpet and tiled floors. Therefore, I can't say I've tested it on anything arduous but for most floor types the Maxima copes easily.

Right now, for some more gripes.

I don't like what sort of power cord winds up on the unit. The cord wraps around about a 1-foot area to the lower part of the handle, stuffed between the suction hose. This is a little awkward. One redeeming feature though is the quick-release lever for the power cord; one flip and you need not unwind it!

Also, there's the problem from the suction hose: it's routed quite tightly up around the top of the handle and is apparently made of thin plastic (only time will tell if it goes the length). It does seem to me that this power cord should be at the top in the handle with the suction hose being housed lower down.

I had no other complaints with my Eureka Maxima vacuum, until that is, I called round my friends house in addition to saw them use their hoover vac . The Aptitude was much, much quieter compared to my Eureka Maxima. I've since consoled myself while using thought that their Electrolux vacuum cleaner was also much, much more expensive, than my personal inexpensive, reliable, light, Eureka Maxima vacuum better.

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